1. Circulators must be 18 years of age or older (or 17 years of age and qualified to vote in Illinois by the Nov. 2022 election) and a citizen of the United States.
  2. DO NOT SIGN the Circulators signature yet, this is done with a NOTARY present!
  3. Circulators must personally witness every signature; you may NOT leave them unattended and collect them later or let someone else circulate the petition for you. Do not accept signed petition sheets from anyone else to sign yourself as a circulator.
  4. Circulators may complete address, city, and county, if signer leaves blank or puts “ditto”, Fill this in “dittos” are not valid! Instruct signers to NOT use dittos.
  5. Circulators MUST find a notary public (typically at your local bank) and should NOT sign the bottom portion until instructed to do so by a Notary Public. Call for help if needed.
  6. Circulators must personally appear (with a government photo ID) and sign the Circulator’s Affidavit before a Notary Public.
  7. Petitions with less than a FULL sheet are VALID & should be turned in after being notarized. (Even if there is only one signature, every signature counts!)
  8. Circulators may sign (once) a petition which they are circulating as a signer if they are a registered voter of the District for the Candidate.


  1. All signers must be registered to vote in the District for the Candidate.
  2. All signers must sign in the presence & observation of the circulator.
  3. Signers may not sign any candidates Petition more than once.
  4. Signers must sign for themselves only. (NO one else may sign for another person, not even a spouse or family member)
  5. Signers should NOT sign a Petition for more than one PARTY, this will invalidate their signature for all candidates they signed a petition. However, a signer may sign multiple petitions for candidates of the same party for the same office and/or other offices.
  6. Signers should sign their names as it appears on the voting card and PRINT (very plainly) their Street address, City or Village, and County. All three areas (Street, City, and County) after the signature MUST be filled in PRINTED. No dittos or blanks from the previous signer.
  7. At the bottom of each petition sheet: DO NOT NUMBER THE PETITION SHEETS! Leave SHEET NO. ______ Blank!

Notarized Petitions should be mailed to the candidate’s campaign mailing address.  

Return all notarized Petitions NO LATER THAN March 7th, 2022 ➔ please have them notarized immediately and return them ASAP when you are done circulating petitions.

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